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Set up a special person to measure the temperature, record the temperature measurement in detail, and file it. At the same time, the temperature measurement personnel are responsible for checking the coverage and heat preservation, are familiar with the pouring time of concrete in various parts of the structure, and should strengthen the inspection of the cold blanket coverage in case of strong wind to prevent the cold blanket from blowing by the strong wind. notify the relevant personnel to take effective measures in time if you find something unusual.

The evolution of the new BMW 3 series announced the return of the sports king and set a new benchmark for the same level in terms of luxury. The three-dimensional size of the new model is higher than that of the previous generation, the long wheelbase model brings the most spacious space of the same class with a wheelbase of 2961 mm, and the largest panoramic skylight of the same class up to 0.83m2 is also standard for the long wheelbase model. The cockpit is cleverly arranged with the concept of “functional island”, and the concise and modern “sports luxury” style goes deep into the texture. Intelligent induction atmosphere lights and new dynamic welcome blankets are equipped with this class for the first time, and the exquisite chrome-plated components and Sensatec synthetic leather wrapping dashboard further enhance the luxury texture.

Length: can be customized according to user requirements. In addition, in order to make the thermal insulation material have the same thermal insulation effect, we have to calculate the thickness of the wall lining according to the reductive composition to avoid any problems in the work. Therefore, there are such technological advantages in the market. At present, in the production of aluminum silicate blanket, the technology of gluing on the back, drying and shaping, and packaging into rolls is adopted to have an advantage in the market.

4. The thermal insulation temperature range can be set by the keystroke. When the electric blanket is started by a button, the two heaters work at the same time, at this time, they are in the heating mode, and when the temperature is greater than the maximum value of the set temperature range, the two heaters stop working. When the temperature is less than the minimum value of the set temperature range, start a heating plate to work until it is greater than the maximum value of the set temperature range, which is the thermal insulation mode

According to public data, the new camouflage cloth, led by the Israeli Polaris Technology Company, is made of multi-spectral masking materials composed of a variety of metals, microfibers and polymers on the basis of traditional camouflage technology. A single piece of camouflage cloth weighs about kg, has the function of waterproof, and can be rolled, folded and carried. Camouflage cloth can be used on both sides and can be customized according to the combat environment, such as green vegetation on one side and desert background on the other. When in use, soldiers can wrap a single piece of camouflage cloth on their bodies, or use multiple pieces to blend into the jungle or desert environment, effectively avoiding the detection of enemy optical imaging equipment and thermal imaging equipment. In addition, this camouflage cloth can also be used as an individual insulation blanket or a temporary stretcher. When used as a temporary stretcher, it carries a weight of 250 kg.

Cuddle blanket (weight blanket) is one of the recent market trends, is considered to help ease anxiety “artifact”, can promote consumers to have a higher quality of sleep. Monthly searches for this product are 307000 on Google and 457000 on Amazon. Sellers can choose blankets of different sizes and weights to sell according to the target consumers and logistics costs.

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