important way to maintain a handbag is to “cherish it”. Usually, when using a

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Compared with young girls, mature women pay more attention to practicality and aesthetics when choosing to go out with their bags. When matching formal items such as suits, you can choose classic large bags such as neverfull to enhance the sense of interest, or you can choose exquisite handbags such as concubine bags to enhance femininity.

important way to maintain a handbag is to

First of all, I prepared a warm handbag, said to take two bottles of Coke to the park, and carefully put an ice bag, and then wrapped it. Bring your favorite little toy and keep telling me to remember to bring a picnic mat.

Bags are also an important element in the collocation of middle-aged women. You can choose some simple and generous bags, such as Todd bag, satchel bag, handbag and so on. These bags can not only match clothes well, but also meet the practical needs of daily life.

From the selection of leather to the final quality control stage, the bag process of LV requires a total of 350 different processes. First of all, each piece of leather must be polished with agate twice a day to form a perfectly smooth glazed surface. The second is the special leather tanning process from 6 to 10 tons, which is timed according to the characteristics and size of the leather, followed by the leather surface coloring, nourishing and polishing process, and then the handbag sewing stage. Selecting special leather suitable for package payment is the most time-consuming and challenging. In order to achieve the perfect dyeing formula, an average of 15 different experiments were carried out to obtain the ideal smoke color needed by the LV design team. Each piece of leather is carefully selected to connect the stripes on the edges of each handbag and to ensure that all surface colors match the gloss.

important way to maintain a handbag is to

Not only that, Zhou Yutong will also match different bags according to different occasions, such as choosing more elegant handbags when attending events, while usually choosing more practical handbags for daily travel. This flexible choice also gives her more opportunities to try different styles of handbags.

The above kind of shoulder bag or handbag is more suitable for women to use when shopping or visiting relatives and friends. For people who travel long distances, this kind of bag obviously can not meet their needs.

The most important way to maintain a handbag is to “cherish it”. Usually, when using a handbag, be careful not to be scratched, drenched or contaminated by stains, which are the most basic common sense of handbag maintenance. Wait until something goes wrong and then deal with it, of course, the effect is not good. Bags of any kind should be placed in a ventilated place to dry after cleaning, but do not want to take them to the sun quickly, because the bags after washing clothes with clean water are the most vulnerable, when the sudden high temperature exposure can cause the bags to fade or the leather to become hard and brittle. For bags to be collected in the past season, you should first ask the leather surface of the sheep and put clean shredded paper balls or cotton shirts in the bag to maintain the shape of the bag, and then put the bag into the soft cotton bag and store it in the cabinet, and should avoid improper extrusion and deformation.

important way to maintain a handbag is to

Wu Xuanyi chose this lv satchel to make her look more bright. Because the overall clothing color is relatively simple, through such a bag can play the role of embellishment, so that the whole person looks more diversified. Nowadays, many young women like the style of shoulder bag very much, which is relatively young and fashionable, but if mature women go out with a bag, they still try to choose a shoulder bag or a handbag, which is more in line with their age.

The color of the “bag” plays the finishing point for the overall color matching, while the “bag” style reflects whether the bag belongs to you. The style of the bag is the style, and the style of clothing is the same, the bag also has the difference of style, the handbag and the checkered bag belong to two different styles.

Agricultural Bank of China trade union team-building activities, everyone made their own handbags, feeling the slow time. Not only experienced the fun of hand-made, but also hand-made a good-looking and practical bag, which is really very meaningful.

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