an idea: “Jielia is not only selling towel s, it is also

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And its capacity is also very considerable, daily commuter to bring makeup, lipstick, paper towels, mobile phones can be installed, is a cost-effective bag, a collection of beauty and practicality in a bag ~ the directors can also be equipped with a long chain to cross, a pack of two backs is even more milky

Brand building is a long-term systematic project. Shi Lei has always adhered to such an idea: “Jielia is not only selling towels, it is also advocating a way of life.” To this end, by sponsoring domestic TV programs, national swimming teams, and a number of large-scale public welfare activities, he strives to promote to consumers the Jielia brand culture of “loving you is loving yourself”. Actively advocate ecological and healthy consumption style and lifestyle.

In the formal exercise session, under the command of the instructor, a fire broke out in the corridor, and the personnel covered their mouths and noses with wet towels, walked low along the wall, evacuated to the safe area of the factory area in turn, and carried out emergency escape work in an orderly manner. Instructors demonstrate the use of fire extinguishers and matters needing attention, orderly on-site fire fighting, through personal operation, better master fire fighting skills.

If a child has burns, adults must deal with them in the order of “flushing slowly flowing water, taking off clothes, soaking in cold water, covering the wound with a clean towel and sending it to the hospital.”

3. Saut茅 the green beans: Drain the blanched green beans and pat them dry with a kitchen towel. In a large skillet, heat a teaspoon of olive oil over medium-high heat. Add the green beans and saut茅 for about 2-3 minutes, until they are heated through.

It is understood that with all kinds of local vegetables on the market one after another, the prices of all kinds of vegetables are becoming more and more close to the people. “now the transportation is very convenient, there are many foreign dishes coming in, and local dishes are coming on the market one after another, so the prices of most vegetables have dropped. Especially tomatoes, now the wholesale price of big tomatoes is only 1.5 yuan per jin, compared with about 2.5 yuan before, the decline is still quite large. Cucumbers, lettuce, towel gourd and other vegetables suitable for summer are all selling well. ” The stall owner, Ms. Liu, introduced it.

3. All classes are equipped with disinfection cabinets and insist on disinfecting cutlery for every meal. During the semester, the safety work such as disinfection in each class was also checked irregularly, such as cups, towels, articles and other cabinets, the preparation of disinfectants, whether the desktop items were neatly placed, and even whether the ground was wet.

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