hair dry naturally. Gently wipe with a towel to prevent dripping,

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The demand for electricity in the toilet is still quite large, such as using an outlet fan in the toilet, installing a smart toilet, or installing an electric towel rack on the wall. Therefore, when decorating, bathroom sockets must be designed as much as possible, so as not to find that the quantity is not enough when you want to use it later, and then pull the plug board not only affects the appearance, but also has certain security risks!

At the same time, 58 to home also put forward protective guidance and regulations for door-to-door service, requiring them to reconfirm their body temperature and physical condition before door-to-door service, and to disinfect themselves and their toolboxes before entering the door; adopt protective operation mode in the process of service, wear masks and plastic gloves throughout the service, and keep the disinfection towels used one by one to ensure strict protection and put health and safety first.

In order to do a good job of heat prevention and cooling of workers in hot weather and reduce the harm caused by high temperature work to the health and life safety of workers, the Zouping City Federation of Trade unions carried out the “summer send cool activity” in the city from 20 to 30 July. Carry out online “summer send cool” activity in 2021, set up Zouping outdoor workers post station general union station, artificial lake station, women and children activity center three stations 1200 copies of heat prevention and cooling products such as towels, soap, wind oil essence and pure water were sent to sanitation workers, traffic police, taxi drivers and other outdoor workers. Various grass-roots trade unions actively carried out “cool” activities, raised more than 800,000 yuan, distributed more than 50,000 copies of heat prevention and cooling supplies to workers, and visited 50000 staff and workers.

For individual frail children, we also give special care to them in daily life. we often pay attention to their performance during meals and siestas, and we also pay special attention to their cold and warm in outdoor activities, reminding them to drink more water and change their sweaty clothes for their children in time. The children in our class all bring clothes and towels, and we always patiently change them so that parents can rest assured.

For patients who need to dispel acne, you can put the washed towel in the freezer box of the refrigerator, after several hours of cooling, apply it to the face that has just been washed, which has a converging and calming effect, and has a good therapeutic effect on extremely oily skin. At the same time, it can also shrink pores, which is simple and convenient.

C, the personnel on duty should bring flashlights, wet towels and chalk, quickly notify the guests in each room on the relevant floor, open the evacuation safety door, specify the evacuation passageway, lead the guests to the safe evacuation exit, and greet the guests to evacuate one by one. The evacuation team can not withdraw from the scene until it is confirmed that all the guests have been evacuated.

Do not use a hairdryer and let your hair dry naturally. Gently wipe with a towel to prevent dripping, then comb gently and dry for about 30 minutes. Wet hair absorbs hydrogen peroxide better.

hair dry naturally. Gently wipe with a towel to prevent dripping,

Precautions for treatment do not use alkaline soap and other irritating chemicals when washing feet. People with tight toe seams should pay attention to wipe off the water at the toe seams and keep breathable; pay attention to avoid foot moisture in summer, especially those who sweat more in summer. Do not wear rubber shoes, sports shoes, do not wear airtight shoes barefoot; avoid using public towels and slippers in public places such as swimming pools and bathrooms. Take a shower after swimming and dry with a clean towel. Avoid spicy and pungent foods such as pepper, raw onions and raw garlic. Eat more nutritious and digestible foods as well as vitamin-rich vegetables and fruits.

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